Falcon Lake Tagged fish contest

We've brought the excitement of the Winter Fish-Off to the summer time by adding 6 tagged fish into Falcon Lake worth a total of $10,000. Imagine, every time you set the hook on Falcon Lake this summer you might have thousands of dollars on the end of the line!

Anyone can participate. Just buy your ticket for $20 at any of our local retailers and you'll have a chance of winning thousands of dollars for catching a fish!  

How to claim your prize!

These three steps could get you $5000.00!

Tagged fish image.JPG

#1: Hero shot!

Take a picture of yourself holding the tagged fish with the tag visible. (Try and smile cause you just won some big money!) 

Shot of fish with contest card and tag.jpg

#2: a picture of the tagged fish with your contest ticket!

You must have purchased your contest ticket before catching the fish. The tickets are not transferable so you cant borrow your buddies ticket. We have a record of every ticket purchased and there will be an interview to ensure you abide by the rules of the contest. Cheating is bad Karma, and Karma is important in fishing. 

Faloma Revised new logo June 7 all caps.png

#3 remove the tag and bring it to the Faloma Beach Marina 

Cut the tag off the fish and release the fish to be caught again. Bring the tag and the pictures to Faloma and once the catch is verified we'll write you a check for the Value of the Fish 

Sounds like fun! where can I get my tickets?

Tickets are available for $20 (cash only please) at the Faloma Beach Marina, The Falcon Lake Marina, Falcon Beach Auto, and Keystone Resort in west Hawk Lake.

Need a place to stay? the following resorts are running a "buy one ticket get one free" promotion when you stay with them.

Penguin Resort at Faloma Beach, Falcon Trails Resort, the Falcon Lake Resort Hotel, CBC Cabins in West Hawk, West Hawk Lake Resort, Tallpine Lodges in West Hawk, and Keystone Resort  

Contest rules:

1.     Contest begins March 18, 2017 and ends once all prizes have been claimed or New Year’s eve 2017

2.     All contestants must be registered prior to catching a tagged fish. Tickets are not transferable. In order to be eligible each angler must have their own tagged fish contest ticket. Potential winners will be subject to an interview and witnesses may be consulted to ensure these conditions are met

3.     All contestants must obey Falcon Lake fishing regulations (see Manitoba angling guidebook).

4.     To claim the prize any contestant catching a tagged fish must:

  a.) take a photo of the angler holding the tagged fish with tag visible. 

  b.) take a photo that shows their entry ticket and the tagged fish in the same picture

  c.) remove the tag, release the fish, and bring the tag to the Faloma Beach Marina 

5. Fish must be caught on rod and reel. no spearfishing, dip netting or trapping etc.