New for 2017 The YEAR ROUND Falcon Lake Tagged Fish Contest.

This year the Falcon and West Hawk Chamber of Commerce is putting on a tagged fish contest on Falcon Lake. They're putting up $10,000 on 6 tagged fish on Falcon Lake to add some extra excitement to fishing Falcon Lake. 

This contest will start at the same time as the Winter Fish-Off and go Year Round until all fish are caught.

Entry into the tagged fish contest will be $20 and contestants will not be eligible for the tagged fish prizes unless they have bought the ticket beforehand. However in order to kickstart the contest we're giving away free entry to the tagged fish contest to anyone who purchases a Second Hole or Kids ticket at the Falcon Lake Winter Fish-Off.

 With the help of the fisheries branch 3 Northern Pike will be tagged and released at the derby site in the weeks before the Falcon Lake Winter Fish-Off. Two will be worth $1,000, and one will be worth $5,000! These will be Fish local to the derby site so we're expecting one or all of them to be caught on derby day! To keep it going strong through the summertime 3 Smallmouth Bass will be tagged and released on the opening day of the open water season and be worth $1000 each!

That's 6 fish for a total of $10,000!

We're very excited about this addition to Falcon Lake and the added excitement it will bring to the Winter Fish-Off.